NITA KLEIN: Every Little Color

Welcome to Nita Klein's website and online gallery. Please come on in and enjoy the samples of Nita's simple yet exquisite paintings, like classic Chinese watercolors emphasizing subtle color and line. Read Nita's bio and see where she has exhibited and some of the collections of her work.

Nita Klein is a prolific artist who finds abundant inspiration in the natural beauty of the Hudson Highlands. Her original pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paintings have been exhibited in a wide range of venues both local and national, including Palisades Interstate Park, Hudson River Valley Association, Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Marymount College, and The River Gallery, among many others. (Read more...)

Off the Palette: An Interview with Nita Klein

Where do you paint?
"I wouldn't paint outside for any amount of money now. I pick flowers and bring them in – I have sunflowers on the table now – or my husband takes pictures, a lake, perhaps, with poplars shading it. I have leaves all over the dresser."

How long have you painted?
"I have been painting professionally since 1977."

Who are your favorite artists?
"My favorite artists are Wolf Kahn and Milton Avery – once you've seen their work, you'll know why I choose them."

Why do you interpret things the way you do?
"I am strongly influenced by nature in all of its beauty."

Advice for those beginning?
"You have to have a real backbone. I've seen times when people want everything and I've seen times when no one wants anything. But I would not give it up. It's a lot of un. It's just me."

Hudson Valley Business Journal, August 1, 2011

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